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We treat business personally

  • We believe a successful business is in effect the result of a collective of people who share the same passion.
  • Our passion is that of a hotelier, which we define as a professional and sincere way of caring for people, in a humble, respectful and humane manner, and by treating business personally.
  • We like to work with fellow hoteliers who share our passion, and want to do well for their businesses, their communities and their families.
  • While we are originally hoteliers at heart, we know our numbers like any other hotel Investor and their bankers.
  • Our team combined has to-date managed hundreds of hotels, having been exposed to every facet of hospitality, giving us the insight to evaluate hotel operations and property investments from a mutual perspective.
  • This puts us in an ideal perspective to assure hotels can achieve excellence in guest satisfaction, while also yielding an economic return on investment.
  • All of our team are grateful to be blessed with an entrepreneurial mind, a heart with sincere passion and a head filled with experience and a conscience to reflect on our actions.
  • We believe conducting business must have a meaningful purpose beyond commerce
  • We believe it is our duty to look beyond our scope of assignment, and aim for the common good
And we walk-the talk, by donating a part of our net operating profit to “BILLIONS IN CHANGE”, a charity movement which aims are to assure access for all of the world’s people to clean water and clean energy.

We invite you to learn more about BILLIONS IN CHANGE, a charity foundation which was initiated by Indian entrepreneur Manoj Bhargava. Simply click this text or the left side picture, and watch the movie. When you are as thrilled as we are, then we welcome you to join up.

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Hotel Talent Search is operated by Gransier & Associates, which is a Business Advisory firm based in Vienna, Austria.
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