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A wrong click ruins the career – Be careful with likes and postings in social media

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
April 5, 2017

A wrong click ruins the career – Be careful with likes and postings in social media

Hong Kong – 5 April 2017 –
Screening reveals everything clear: Applicants are targeted in the social networks. In this case, HR managers are asked to find out more about their characters. Some things can go wrong here, i.e. likes on on fan pages with right-radical music or photos from their last hangout session at the bar… – this is a K.o.-criterion, point out personal experts.

You have to pay attention to what you put online. Employers want to know more about the personality of the applicants by looking at the profiles at LinkedIn, Facebook & Co. This is more important than notes in a testimony or blurred formulations in work articles.

To promote your own career, you should consider this in the Social Web:

1. Nothing is “private” – Every publication, even among “friends”, is sooner or later in the general public and can be seen with few actions.
2. Further spreading and even writing Fake News may even be punishable; Always check with double sources whether a posting actually corresponds to the truth
3. Hate postings or comments hurt your career; Retention is better.
4. So-called Sauffotos (photos of being pissed) or other recordings with compromising content do not belong to the public; No uploads!
5. Likes of fan pages are stored in the Facebook profile and can be viewed: Multiple pages with right-radical content (music or similar) liked, is sorted out in the selection process.
6. Adhoc photos and videos of private persons unasked to social media upload and comment, violated u.U. Personality rights.
7. Exercise political expressions restraint.
8. Always use your social profile ID.
9. Specify your current location and location.
10. Upload a current, high-resolution portrait photo.


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