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Swiss premiere: Exclusive member Team “Il Paradis” is established – Innovative concept at the Hotel Paradies at Ftan will be a guest from today on

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
September 13, 2017

Swiss premiere: Exclusive member Team “Il Paradis” is established – Innovative concept at the Hotel Paradies at Ftan will be a guest from today on

Ftan, Switzerland – 13 September 2017 –
Its proven, stylish luxury of privacy, tranquillity and enjoyment is the foundation for the club “Il Paradis” of the same name. Later on, he will be hiring himself in Hotel Paradies in the most gorgeous times of the year. This is the first time that a version that has successfully established itself in the USA and the UK has gained a foothold in Switzerland. The principle is simple: Club members secure themselves with their accession inspiring vacation moments in their dearly loved “heaven” and stick from now on in this particular piece of jewellery entirely among themselves – entirely exclusive. The innovative club concept is going to be launched in December 2017, and should you would like to breathe club atmosphere, a “Paradise All-inclusive” is advised. In this manner, guests get to understand each of the advantages of club membership.

Exclusive member club "Il Paradis" at luxury retreat Hotel Paradies in Ftan in Switzerland

Constantly returning to a new paradise and feeling in the home – that is possible at Hotel Paradies thanks to another club idea. The amount of members in the club “Il Paradis” is deliberately confined to 200 memberships for two individuals each and thus guarantees a private atmosphere during the stay in this gem in the Lower Engadine. From today on, cosmopolitan men and women who appreciate natural prestige and discreet luxury at the typical high level will meet here.

“Together with their membership at the bar, members will be able to enjoy a durable and enjoyable stay in’ Paradise’, which they will love and love thanks to its unique location, unmistakable hospitality and style,” says Horst Rahe, a renowned pioneer in the hotel business and proprietor of the hotel. In addition to the Members Club – where you can purchase a membership for three years – there’s also the option to join the Owners Club and thus secure a suite in the home. The owner family of Horst Rahe wants to assign 16 stocks, but a distinct joint-stock company is founded. This will give interested parties the chance to secure a piece of the historical house (built by the artist bunch Beyer out of Basel in 1910). These partners will consequently be associated with Paradise at the long term.

All-inclusive: Enjoying the same together with your peers The Members Club functions in this way that members cover a one-time entrance fee of CHF 10,000 to the club, which is reimbursed after leaving. Additionally, they spend in a yearly fee of between CHF 8,500 and CHF 13,000, which can be credited to them in the form of days of remain – like food, lodging and all regional experiences. The motto is: during the “Paradise” breaks, club members will no longer need to be worried about the price of consumption and actions, as they’re all already contained in the yearly membership fee. They can simply be like uncomplicatedly, unwind à discretion – as well as store utensils like bag, skis or other equipment on site in order that every thing is prepared when they return to their own next home. They do attempt and tested things even better: a highly motivated team round the seasoned hostess Meike Bambach and also deputy manager Stephan Schmitz fulfils individual wishes, whilst fighter Daniel Stütz spoils the club members with all the best that the region has to offer. Speaking of this area: Guests and vacation home owners in the area and from the valley have the chance to buy a day membership. With an annual fee of CHF 2,000, they’re a part of the bar, on all occasions and trips, and can use the whole infrastructure such as the health area, library and, obviously, the terrific terrace.

Official club launch in December 2017 From December 22, 2017, members will have the ability to attend the club live performance, when the club “Il Paradis” will be performing in the “Paradise” for about six months at the most beautiful times of the year. “Half of those memberships have already been signed by regulars.

Of course, the hotel is also available for exclusive rentals, seminars, parties and needless to say – nomen est omen – for wedding parties. The hotel can also be used by ad hoc traffic in the form of individual memberships.

Foretaste for future club members If you want to try out the unique club atmosphere, you’ll have another chance to do so during the upcoming winter season 2017/18. Subsequently, the “Paradise” will soon be changed into the club “Il Paradis” for the very first time – everything is contained in the all-inclusive price. After the successful introduction of this “all-inclusive” stay in the summer time, the winter season proceeds: once again, carefully selected activities are of the programme which unites inspiration, style and joie de vivre – including, of course, everything. When it’s the personal skiing and cross-country skiing teacher, a ski pass for the whole stay, the guided snowshoe hike or a tobogganing fun about the five-kilometre-long run – only for budding and already connected club members.

About Horst Rahe: an entrepreneur from the book Horst Rahe has been working as an independent entrepreneur in the fields of transport, industry, tourism and real estate since 1975. Together with his partner, he took over the German delivery company Deutsche Seereederei in 1993 and developed the successful Aida tourism concept for the cruise industry. Afterwards followed A-Rosa and again A-ja for the vacation resort sector. He and his family have owned and preserved that the Bijou since 1995, using a rich art collection and also a library of more than 1,500 volumes. “With this club job, I wish to set a new course for the tourism industry in Graubünden. We are in need of innovations, courage and a new beginning in this sector, which is presently under great pressure. Switzerland and the Engadine are the perfect spot for this experiment – here you will see security, high quality and tranquillity, far away from the hectic pace of everyday life.”


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