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Minister eased UK Brexit fears for hotel staff

Profile Photo By: Steve Shellum
February 21, 2017

Minister eased UK Brexit fears for hotel staff

London – 21 Februar 2017 – 
The UK won’t suddenly shut the door on low-skilled migrants from the European Union who work in restaurants and hotels, Brexit Secretary David Davis said, in comments that risk a political clash over migration policy when Britain leaves the bloc, Bloomberg reported.

During a visit to Estonia, Davis said it will take “years and years” to persuade British workers to do jobs in the hospitality industry or agriculture that are currently carried out by EU migrants, arguing the economy needs continued immigration to maintain its success.

“In the hospitality sector, hotels and restaurants, in the social-care sector, working in agriculture, it will take time – it will be years and years before we get British citizens to do those jobs,” Davis told reporters in Tallinn. “Don’t expect just because we’re changing who makes the decision on the policy, the door will suddenly shut: it won’t.”



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