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Lawsuit against MGM’s Mandalay resort in Las Vegas: Hoteliers should do more for safety

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
November 21, 2017

Lawsuit against MGM’s Mandalay resort in Las Vegas: Hoteliers should do more for safety

Las Vegas, 21 November 2017 –
Hotel security takes on a whole new meaning: When an assassin out of a suite of Mandalay Resorts in Las Vegas, managed by MGM, taken 59 people in the start of October and injured hundreds, hospitality experts immediately realized that the safety precautions had seemingly been too lax. The shooter was able to bring several fast fire rifles tapped to the resort and had been able to prepare himself for his terrible deed undetected for days. Several class-action lawsuits are currently being filed against the resort operator MGM, as US press report.

Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino
Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino

Among the class action suits allegedly joined by 450 sufferers is geared toward the public safety flaws in the hotel. Why didn’t you notice that Stephen Paddock (the assassin) brought ten suitcases of guns and ammunition to his suite? Lawyers are worried about the predictability of criminal offences. Seven years back, MGM Resorts was convicted of a Californian few who’d been assaulted in one of their resorts.

Marquees along the Las Vegas Strip pay respect to the victims and first responders of the previous Sunday’s mass shooting Tuesday, October 3, 2017. CREDIT: Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau

The outcome of the event is eagerly awaited in the hotel industry, as a precedent could possibly be set with far-reaching consequences. Until now, hoteliers weren’t responsible for the behavior of their guests. A deficiency of domestic (and global) standards in terms of hotel safety is also mostly ignored. If one of the suits against MGM were to establish right, this would probably change radically.


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