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How to attract you next gen’s staff: Welcome kids for a day at your hotel!

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
June 12, 2017

How to attract you next gen’s staff: Welcome kids for a day at your hotel!

Vienna, Austria – 12 June 2017 –
Fun and play at Vienna House – The Austrian hotel company invited more than 1,400 kids on World’s Children Day to their hotel in Europe to show daily work and life behind the curtains in a playful surrounding.

The ‚mini executives’ has been named as receptionists, waiters, kitchen chefs or even managers to run a hotel for one day. The children learned, for example, what English is good for – which is much more illuminating in practice than when certain things are taught from a teacher’s perspective. The young managers were not only allowed to make beds, but also to embellish children’s corners in the public areas or family rooms, to paint walls and to provide concrete proposals on how some areas can be made even more child-friendly.

The children have certainly enjoyed the tasks. Especially liked that they were allowed to take off the phones. On the question, which was not so great, came a maximum “that we could not clean the rooms” return.

Throughout the group, the hotel directors were thrilled with how well the action has come to both children, parents, educators and guests. The hoteliers hope to have the work place hotel made some children tasty.


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