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Survey: Supercities bucking national trends

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February 24, 2014

Survey: Supercities bucking national trends

Hospitality News: Landmark the Hilton hotel on the 'Groenplaats' in Antwerp, Belgium
Landmark the Hilton hotel on the 'Groenplaats' in Antwerp, Belgium

While average room rates (ARR) have generally been affected by national trends throughout the years, a survey by Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) pointed to ?supercities? bucking the trend.

Supercities ? or destinations popular for business and leisure visitors ? apparently tend to be different from the norm around the world, staying strong even when other locations are struggling around them.

?In our study last year we made reference to ?supercities? which had begun to buck certain national trends and forge their own path,? said Stewart Harvey, HRG group commercial director. ?We?ve seen this trend continuing to grow, with cities such as Barcelona and Beijing?where exchange rates may not necessarily be working in their favor ? retaining strong positive growth, despite external factors, as their popularity as both business and leisure destinations goes from strength to strength.?

The study also spotlighted the top five room rate increases and decreases on the planet.

Munich, Aberdeen, Barcelona, Cape Town, and Tokyo increased their rates the most from last year.

Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Madrid, and Mexico City decreased their rates the most from 2012.

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