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How to enhance the history and the environment: an example

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March 9, 2014

How to enhance the history and the environment: an example

Hospitality News: Chateau-de-la-cazineThe land of Ch?teau de la Cazine was first developed in the 16th Century with the creation of a small turreted Ch?teau, built on the instructions of the Lestang family. It now lies behind the main imposing Ch?teau building. This small castle, Ch?teau de la Fot, has a rectangular main building, flanked by two turreted towers, although some of its original foundations date back to the 12th Century.
Ch?teau de la Fot was built along the pilgrimage route of ?Santiago de Compostela?, which explains the presence of a collection of iron crosses built throughout the grounds and a three foot statue of Christ within a hidden grove set within one of the many woods.

The main Ch?teau was completed in 1898 but was erected in a 17th Century Louis XIVth architectural style on behalf of the Viscount of F?t, Paul du Curel who had purchased the buildings and land the previous year. It is a replica of a Ch?teau that the Viscount stayed in, in the South of France. This new Ch?teau had 54 rooms and gave some semblance to the resort we see now. A red brick fa?ade and slate roof which looks stately but not pompous, it became ?the principle Ch?teau? where the Viscount lived with his wife and son, Charles.

On the death of his father, Charles de Curel lived with his wife in Ch?teau de la Fot (le Petit Ch?teau) because he didn?t like the larger one. Charles? daughter Jeanne Marie, got married in the chapel of the main Ch?teau of Ch?teau de la Cazine to the Marquis Armand Vasselot of Reigne. They then lived in this Ch?teau with their eleven children. The ?Silver? pond was built to commemorate their silver anniversary.

During the Second World War the main Ch?teau became a bolt hole for the French resistance. The movement had their main focus in the nearby city of Limoges and during the War paid a heavy toll in loss of lives.
They would hide out at the Ch?teau with nearby villagers during Nazi attacks, because the locals fooled the Germans into believing the natural springs on site were poisonous and they would do well to stay away. The Ch?teau was also converted into a makeshift hospital for injured servicemen during this time.

After Viscount Charles? death, the two Ch?teaux and surrounding grounds were left to his wife and daughter, with whom it all remained until being sold off in late 1980. It is here that Lucian Pfeiffer buys into Ch?teau de la Cazine. The site remained a private dwelling until President Francois Mitterrand visited. He loved it all so much he released government funds to turn the Ch?teau into a hotel, le Petit Ch?teau into a restaurant and convert outbuildings into a summer education camp about 250 metres from the main Ch?teau.

The first stone in the new buildings was laid by Prime Minister Michel Rocard. Barrasford and Bird Worldwide bought the Ch?teau and grounds in December 2010. After extensive renovation and refurbishment, the first stage of re-development, the main Ch?teau opened as a hotel and restaurant in July 2012..


A superb golf and spa resort offering a plethora of facilities for all the family within a stunning, 220 acre site resplendent with its own fishing lakes, woodlands and historic buildings.

? Majestic French retreat resort
? Huge range of facilities
? World-class spa
? 18-hole professional golf course
? Extensive grounds, lakes and more
? Superb setting in majestic countryside

Imagine a place where the beauty of nature blends effortlessly with the opulence of luxurious living. Where families enjoy spacious accommodation and an outstanding range of facilities around a majestic French village, Spa and historic Ch?teau hotel in the heart of France?s Lake District.

Welcome to Halcyon Retreat. This stunning resort, due to fully open in 2017, offers not only a superb holiday home investment but also an unbeatable opportunity. The resort comprises of indulgent properties in the heart of the French countryside with a plethora of facilities for adults and children alike available on your very doorstep.

Enjoy a game of golf on the resort?s own 18-hole golf course or indulge in a signature treatment at the indulgent Spa before dining at one of the resort?s high quality restaurants. Properties through the resort are expertly constructed and furnished to a high standard, providing spacious, beautiful accommodation in a stunning natural setting.

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Author: Paolo Tomasini


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