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Rodrigo Echenique, new Group Chairman

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April 10, 2013

Rodrigo Echenique, new Group Chairman

Rodrigo Echenique Gordillo joins NH Hoteles as non-executive Chairman

? NH Hoteles completes a cycle of transformation and embarks on a new era

The Board of Directors of NH Hoteles has appointed Rodrigo Echenique Gordillo as non-executive chair of the Company?s highest governing body.

Rodrigo Echenique Gordillo, a government attorney, boasts a long and rich professional trajectory, with his time as CEO of Banco Santander (1988-1994) standing out. He is also deeply familiar with NH Hoteles, having served on the Board of Directors for eight years (1997-2005). Mr Echenique has held several high-level government positions, sat on several company boards and chaired Vallehermoso. He is currently an independent director at Banco Santander and a non-executive director at Vocento and Agrolimen, S.A.

At today?s meeting, the Board of Directors of NH Hoteles also appointed Federico Gonz?lez Tejera as Company director.

Federico Gonz?lez Tejera has built much of his professional career in leading multinationals, including Disneyland Paris and Procter & Gamble.

By hiring Rodrigo Echenique and Federico Gonz?lez Tejera, NH Hoteles has articulated a new corporate governance model, splitting the roles of chairman, whose non-executive duties will centre on the Company?s management and governance at the highest level, and chief executive, with the newly appointed CEO focusing the Company?s business operations.
The Board of Directors extended its thanks to Mariano P?rez Claver, who joined NH Hoteles as Chairman and CEO in February 2011, for his involvement and unwavering dedication during his time at the Company.

During his mandate, Mr P?rez Claver launched various business plans designed to equip the Company with the skills and resources needed to tackle sector development from a position of strength in the years to come, while cushioning the consequences of the lingering global recession and simultaneously successfully refinancing the Group?s debt.

The Board of Directors also accepted the letter of resignation presented by Jos? Mar?a Mas Millet as Board Secretary at today?s session, appointing state attorney Pedro Ferreras D?ez to fill the vacancy.

The Board of Directors was keen to strenuously extend its gratitude to Jos? Mar?a Mas for his tremendous dedication during his 22-year tenure as the Company?s Board Secretary.

[box type=”tick”]About NH Hoteles

NH Hoteles ( is Europe?s third-ranked business hotel chain. It operates close to 400 hotels with almost 60,000 rooms in 26 countries across Europe, the Americas and Africa. NH Hoteles currently has 20 new hotels under construction which will add over 2,000 new rooms to its portfolio. NH Hoteles is traded on the Madrid stock exchange.[/box]


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