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Transform 2015: Finalisation of proposed agreements with union organisations

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July 10, 2012

Transform 2015: Finalisation of proposed agreements with union organisations

Air France has finalised framework agreements aimed at improving economic efficiency by 20% throughout the company, with union organisations representing ground staff, pilots and cabin crew.  
– The proposed agreement for ground staff, opened for signature on Friday 6th July, has been signed by the CFE-CGC, CFDT and FO unions, which secured an audience of 46.5% of ground staff at the most recent professional elections. The agreement with ground staff is therefore validated, the minimum level required for validation being 30%. 
– The proposed agreement for pilots received a favourable view from the SNPL union advisory body on 5th July. The SNPL will shortly submit this framework agreement to a referendum for validation by its members.   
– The proposed agreement for commercial cabin crew has been open for signature since 9th July. The representative organisations UNAC, SNPNC and UNSA will also submit this proposal to a referendum among its members. 
Once secured, the definitive signature of each agreement will allow an end to the procedure of revocation for the category in question. 
Air France welcomes the agreements already reached with employee representatives, and looks forward to the rapid conclusion of agreements with organisations representing flight personnel.  The company is thereby on track with the planned timetable to define a new collective agreement, one of the main prerequisites for its successful turnaround. 
Dialogue with union representatives will remain the favoured route for the ongoing quest for permanent and structural economic efficiency. These latest proposed agreements therefore mark a new phase in the turnaround of Air France.

Source: Air France


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