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Survey reveals difference between ‘initiators and herders’

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July 26, 2012

Survey reveals difference between ‘initiators and herders’

Just one in five of people take responsibility for organising their personal and business meetings, whether it’s a few drinks with friends or company meetings in conference centres.

That’s the difference between an initiator – someone who is willing to take the reins and organise meetings – and members of the herd, who are willing to be led everywhere with their hand held, according to a survey by Doodle.

Initiators statistically attend more group events, with 50 per cent having three or more group events a week. Less than 10 per cent of initiators have fewer than one meeting per week, cites

Furthermore, initiators are more likely to be people with higher education and income, locked in a managerial/office/freelance role and aren’t really determined by age or gender, adds Overall, the more senior the person, the more likely they are to be an initiator.

On the other hand, members of the herd formed a majority of the sample, with 55 per cent claiming to be a member of the group. Almost half of the herd has one or two group events per week and only 17 per cent have less than one event.

Tilman Eberle, representative of Doodle, commented: “Scheduling meetings can be a real source of stress, so don’t let one person always take the strain.”


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Source: The Brewery Industry News


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