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Special meals and Ramadan timings calculator to support observant passengers

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July 19, 2012

Special meals and Ramadan timings calculator to support observant passengers

With the start of the holy month of Ramadan, Emirates has introduced several initiatives to ensure the well-being and comfort of fasting customers.

In support of our passengers observing Ramadan, Emirates has developed an unique tool to calculate the correct timings for Imsak and Iftar while in-flight. The tool, an industry-first, was developed in conjunction with the Dubai Astronomy Group and allows Emirates to calculate the exact Ramadan timings using the aircraft?s longitude, latitude and even altitude; ensuring the greatest level of accuracy possible while onboard. For example, passengers who are in-flight when the sun sets will be informed of the Iftar time by the captain. Iftar will be determined based on where the aircraft is located at the time the sun goes down. This new tool was developed to supplement Emirates annually produced booklet on the timings for Ramadan, available on every flight.

Additionally, Emirates? in-flight catering team has developed a special menu for passengers observing Ramadan, in keeping with the traditions and values of this important religious occasion. For flights departing close to Iftar, Emirates will provide small snack boxes at the boarding gates of Emirates Terminal 3, while large Iftar meal boxes will be served to fasting passengers in-flight. The meal box, designed by Emirates? chefs, will be served in Economy class, with a similar selection served to fasting passengers in both Business Class and First Class.

?The holy month of Ramadan is an important time on the Islamic calendar, and we are committed to ensuring that our Muslim passengers are well looked after as they undertake their religious obligations,? said Robin Padgett, Emirates Vice President Aircraft Catering. ?We have great respect for the cultural diversity of our customers, and our non-fasting passengers will continue to enjoy the world-class meals Emirates is globally known for.?

Non-fasting passengers travelling on Umrah, Madinah and Jeddah flights will receive a cold meal instead of the regular hot meal for all flights taking off after sunrise and before sunset, in respect to the many Muslim passengers completing Umrah on these flights.

Setting a precedent for airlines in the region, Emirates will air two new, highly-anticipated series for fans of Arabic television during the holy month of Ramadan. The complete Gulf series “Rajjal wosst el Hareem,” all 30 episodes, will be aired as well as 15 episodes of the Syrian programme “Znoud El Set.” Telling the tale of a man who, as a result of several tragedies, ends up sharing his house with his wife, his daughters, his mother in-law, other relatives and several persistent house guests, Rajjal wosst el Hareem is a family comedy that everyone can relate to. Znoud El Set, is set in Damascus and, although the characters change each episode, they remain connected by the house and the theme of solving problems with wisdom and cooking; an unique look at current social issues. Available through Emirates award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice, winner of the 2012 SKYTRAX ?World’s Best Airline Inflight Entertainment? award, the shows will be available in August on all A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft, plus select A330 and A340s. Passengers can check the programming available on their individual flight through the Emirates website,

Emirates would like to wish all our Muslim passengers Ramadan Kareem.

Source: Emirates



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