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Social media won’t replace face-to-face contact, claims survey

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July 6, 2012

Social media won’t replace face-to-face contact, claims survey

The rise of Facebook and Twitter will not serve as a replacement for meeting clients face-to-face at corporate venues.

That’s according to 60 per cent of those surveyed for a report by Airbus, reported by, which undertook a two-year consultation in order to see what passengers are expecting from future flights.

Airbus says that 63 per cent of the 1.75 million consulted said that they will actually fly more by 2050, meaning that meeting clients face-to-face will remain a staple of business for years to come.

However, 96 per cent suggested that aircraft need to become much more ‘eco-efficient’. Using less fuel, releasing fewer carbon emissions and being powered by non-fossil fuels were the top three suggestions by those taking part.

Other results showed that nearly half (40 per cent) see door-to-door air travel as becoming ‘increasingly stressful’, 66 per cent want quieter planes while 65 want a ‘fully recyclable’ aircraft.

Charles Champion, Airbus EVP engineering, said the results show ‘there’s nothing better than face-to-face contact’.

Cited by, he continued: “The world is woven together by a web of flights that creates ever-expanding social and economic networks: 57 millions jobs, 35 per cent of world trade and $2.2 trillion in global GDP.”


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Source: The Brewery Industry News


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