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No?ovice to experience biggest Radegast day in its history (Translation)

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September 12, 2012

No?ovice to experience biggest Radegast day in its history (Translation)

At a new location right next to the No?ovice brewery, the 10th anniversary of Radegast Day will take place on Saturday, September 15. The event is visited yearly by more than 20,000 people and will offer programmes on its seven stages. The biggest stars of the celebration will be the bands Chinaski, No Name, Mandrage and Charlie Straight. All those who love the famous bitter beer will have a chance to enjoy the traditional unfiltered lager Radegast that was brewed especially for the day by No?ovice brew masters. The beer will be available at 75 taps. There will be no shortage of high-adrenaline fun and challenges for real men. One of them is the chance to fly by in a chopper. The programme starts at 11:00 a.m. in No?ovice. The organisers have secured extra bus and train transportation from Ostrava to Fr?dek-M?stek and back. Entrance is free.

The new location of the Radegast Day event has made it possible for organisers to secure a much richer programme and improve the safety and comfort of all visitors. ?The number of visitors is higher every year, and we are closing in on the 30,000 people mark. That places Radegast Day among the biggest events in the region. Therefore, we need a much bigger area for the event this year. There will be more beer stations, more parking spaces, and the movement between the stages will be much more comfortable for all visitors,? said Martin Troup, Radegast brand manager.

The programme will start at 11:00 a.m. The band Mandrage will play at 12:30 p.m. The first big star, No Name from Slovakia, will start its show at 3:00 p.m. Then the stage will belong to Charlie Straight, VSPH, D?da Ml?dek Illegal Band, Wohnout, and Chinaski, who will play their hits at 9:45 p.m.

People come to Radegast Day to enjoy the bitter, unfiltered Radegast lager that is brewed especially for this day by No?ovice brew masters. As usual, there will be no shortage of it this year, as Ivo Ka??k, Radegast brewery manager, confirms: ?The unfiltered lager is maturing in our cellars. I am convinced that visitors of Radegast Day will definitely enjoy it this year as much as before. Last year, they consumed 40,900 servings of beer. We have brewed more than that so there is no danger of a beer shortage. Next to the unfiltered lager, there will be other beers on draft such as Radegast Premium, Original, and non-alcoholic Birell for designated drivers.?

People will have a chance to learn more about the beer and its proper drafting not only during the visitors? tour of the brewery, but also right on one of the stages. There, under the supervision of the marketing brew master, lessons on proper beer drafting and care will take place.

High-adrenaline fun cannot be absent at the event. Events called ?Get Out of the Gorge? and ?Challenge the Force of Nature? keep no one wondering about their tough and manly objectives. The winner of the Radegast Day contest ?Get Ready for Service? will not forget the moment he or she takes home 300,000 CZK (about 15,000 USD).

A special train from Ostrava will leave the main station for No?ovice at 9:00 a.m. The bus and train transportation from Fr?dek-M?stek is secured for the whole day. Schedules and details about the programme are available at


Source: SAB Miller


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