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Enjoy Mate, Uruguay’s Favourite Drink, at Four Seasons Resort Carmelo.

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July 25, 2012

Enjoy Mate, Uruguay’s Favourite Drink, at Four Seasons Resort Carmelo.

New yerba mate set ups in Pura Restaurant, and at breakfast at the Resort.

Four Seasons Resort Carmelo invites guests to try the unofficial national drink of Uruguay, the famous mate.

Mate is a traditional drink of the South American region that includes Paraguay, Argentina, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and Uruguay, which is the world’s largest consumer of the beverage.

It is a tea that is made from the leaves of the yerba mate tree. To create mate, a special set up includes a thermos or flask of hot water, which is then poured into a container, also called a mate, where the leaves await steeping. It is common for Uruguayans to carry a mate with them, stopping for fresh hot water from vendors on the street to refresh the drink.

In Uruguay, mate is served hot and bitter. The bitter taste is caused by tannins; the foam produced is due to the glycosides; and the stimulus that occurs is due to caffeine.

Guests of Four Seasons can now enjoy mate at Pura Restaurant, and a mate set up is featured at restaurant breakfasts at the Resort. Mate is also available on the in-room dining menu, to be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s own room.

Best accompaniment to Uruguay’s favourite drink? Bizcochitos, a salty, spicy biscuit that is enjoyed throughout Latin America.

Source: Four Seasons?



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