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Day 1 of Johannesburg?s 2012 Bursary Boot Camp

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October 2, 2012

Day 1 of Johannesburg?s 2012 Bursary Boot Camp

The five Johannesburg finalists who were chosen to attend the Boot Camp 2012 finals, hosted by The Premier Hotel, have survived Day One of their five-day learning and hands-on experience in various hospitality departments. This is what they had to say about their experience on Monday 1st October…

Boitumelo Makoe

Wow my first day at The Premier Hotel went unbelievably well. I worked at the restaurant and had to serve a very ?special? group of people. The staff are great, plus I met the Chef ? one hell of a guy, and most of all my managers are on point… I learnt so many new things and interacting with so many people was a very interesting experience… Overall my time at the restaurant was beautiful, challenging, but beautiful.

Reneilwe tackling the Reception

Reneilwe tackling the Reception

Reneilwe Tekele

?The wake up call! I had to make sure I had a good night?s rest and be ready for the day! I started out in Reception. It was the most chilled department of the hotel (I would say)… ?It did have its moments when it got busy. I was a little lost and confused here and there, but then in the late shift I was good to go! The staff at Reception are really friendly and patient ,especially since they had to teach me everything! The highlight and the scariest part of my day was when I got called to the General Manager’s office! I really thought I did something wrong and that I was in trouble! But in fact he was just checking up on us and he said he would have a talk with us every day! Being part of the morning meeting was also really cool and especially the tour of hotel at night. But I have to say the sweetest part of the day was the gift from Nelly and Natalie. That was super sweet, and now I have something to nibble on for a midnight snack! Now I take a hot shower and get a good night?s rest. Restaurant tomorrow!

Kyle Willis

?So far so brilliant! Angela and Patience, you are utter legends! And to all those in the laundry room I worked with…such respect for working with a smile in that heat! Housekeeping is pretty damn fun if you?re willing to smile through it. PS: Happy Birthday to your one year old baby girl Tanya! I?m looking forward to Gordon Ramsay mentorship tomorrow.

Kate Palisa Fortunate Msomi

?On my first day of work, I was in the kitchen and it was AMAZING. I learnt a lot, especially about making dessert.?The Executive Chef was a real motivator and he made the kitchen seem easier. ?The Chef? ? that?s what we used to call him, I so love that ?Mr Chef?, haha!

Vicky Faulds

?Day 1 of Boot Camp! We got up at 5am and started working at 7am. The day in the restaurant was rough and we also had a banquet, although I learned a lot and met a lot of new people. I?m looking forward to housekeeping tomorrow.

A career in hospitality can open doors to endless opportunities, as one lucky Bursary Boot Camp contestant will soon find out. Only one winner at the Sandton campus can be chosen to have their full tuition fees paid for ? for any IHS programme they wish to study ? valued up to R180?000! The pupil who succeeds in all of the challenges will take home the bursary and winning title. Watch this space to find out who it will be…


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