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Art Alexakis Gets Personal With Hard Rock

Profile Photo By: H L
May 21, 2012

Art Alexakis Gets Personal With Hard Rock

Everclear frontman Art Alexakis hit up six (yes six!) Hard Rock Cafes in a week! Art graced the stages of Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver and Seattle with an acoustic set that included Everclear’s “Everything To Everyone”, “Wonderful”, “Santa Monica” and of course, “Father of Mine”.

While the songs were performed to near perfection, it was the in between banter that Art really showed a side that most fans may not have known was there – a warm and very funny artist that is more than a songwriter with “issues” as he described himself on stage before doing “Father of Mine.”  This playfulness was revealed through witty asides with the audience and stories about his daughters and four marriages, but it really was revealed twice during the show when Art brought fans up on stage to help with the background vocals on two songs – one being a group of female fans he brought to  the stage to accompany him on “Volvo Driving Soccer Mom.” 

The night at the Hard Rock was special for all the fans that attended, as they all got to meet with Art as he stayed after the performance to mingle.  It was a great set-up for what is sure to be a great summer for Art and Everclear, as he promised a new Everclear album in a few months and the already announced Summerland Tour with other 90s hitmakers like Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms and Lit.  

Source: Hard Rock


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