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Air France innovates in its medium-haul network: special attentions and more comfort for passengers

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October 30, 2012

Air France innovates in its medium-haul network: special attentions and more comfort for passengers

Business: a personal space where you can enjoy attentive service 

New gastronomy 
Air France wanted to upgrade the catering and special attentions enjoyed by its Business passengers on board.  Today, in addition to a hot towel and an aperitif on arrival, they will have a real meal tray that takes its inspiration from long-haul service, now served to Business passengers on all medium-haul flights.   The dishes served are adapted to the time of day and constitute a full meal with a first course, a main course and a dessert.  On flights lasting over 2 and one-half hours, the main dish is served hot and porcelain tableware is used for all meals on flights lasting over 3 hours.  Passengers will also appreciate other little details, like wine served individually from the bottle, a ?caf? gourmand? served with mini-pastries, and a selection of after-dinner drinks. 
A roomier cabin 
Business passengers enjoy more individual space on board thanks to the cabin that now seats only four passengers per row.  The middle seat is systematically left free to guarantee them the peace and comfort they seek on board.  Compared with the rest of the cabin, the wider seats leave 5 extra centimetres of space for their legs on all aircraft in the fleet*.  Business passengers also have more room for stowing their carry-on bags and can bring with them two bags and one accessory for a total weight of 18 kg. 
* Except on the A318 and on flights operated under a franchise or lease 

Premium Economy: affordable fares for greater comfort 

The advantages of a Premium class at fares that outstrip the competition 
With its Premium Economy offer, Air France is adapting to a modern clientele in search of flexibility and efficiency at the cost of its competitors? Economy class.  In fact, Air France is the only European carrier to offer service of such quality to passengers paying an affordable fare that is modifiable and reimbursable, and allows them to take a flight before or after their initially planned flight, subject to certain conditions.
Inflight service inspired by Business 
To offer passengers greater peace and comfort on medium-haul flights, the Premium Economy cabin is separated from the Economy cabin by a moveable curtain.  Passengers are therefore seated in the same cabin as the Business passengers further forward in the aircraft.  Air France has also developed new meals designed along the lines of those served on long-haul flights: meal boxes now give way to a real meal tray, adapted to the flying time and the time of day.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack contribute to making the trip more pleasant and give passengers a full meal, with a first course, main course and dessert.  Like in Business, the main dish, served hot on flights lasting over 2 and one-half hours, is presented on porcelain tableware on flights lasting over 3 hours. 
In the last few days, passengers have discovered the new brand names: ?Business?,  ?Premium Economy?, ?Economy?, now harmonized for all flights throughout the Air France medium- and long-haul networks.
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Source: Air France


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