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What’s important for the hotel room of the future? Energy-efficiency, biosourcing and competeley revatilizing concept

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
November 28, 2016

What’s important for the hotel room of the future? Energy-efficiency, biosourcing and competeley revatilizing concept

Paris, France – 28 November 2016
Laurent Delporte, columnist on luxury hotels unveiled his vision of the hotel room concept for the future. During Equiphotel trade fair in Paris, Delporte showed a prototype that they reflect the coming horizons for 2020; that is, by integrating industry standards for sustainable development and innovative technology.

Hotel Room of the Future by Delporte Hospitality
Hotel Room of the Future by Delporte Hospitality

The concept room in a few words:

  • Biorhythmic solution: the light and sound environment correspond in rhythm to the key moments of the day
  • Adjustable furniture to provide versatile room functionality
  • Low-energy facilities & equipment: to reduce energy consumption
  • Basic needs ensured: a good night’s sleep, a satisfying meal…Natural materials: the materials involved come from nature

This room, initially conceived by Delporte Hospitality, will be designed by AW², an international architecture and interior design agency led by architect partners Réda Amadou and Stéphanie Ledoux.

The concept in detail:
“Sleeping well” – Light-modulated wake-up system integrated throughout the entire room and preparation for sleep with gradually dimming lightsThe first bed that is 99% natural, along with an ecological bedspreadNatural pillows adapted to your way of sleepingNatural reduction of light intensity at night to allow for a relaxing sleep
“Well-being for refreshing oneself’ – A relaxation pillow adapted to your style of reading or working on bedA shower for refreshing yourself, as if you were under rainA foot spa for relaxing your tired feet
“Using energy well” – Solar energy at the heart of the hotel to reduce energy consumptionTracking energy consumption in the roomElimination of a minibar, thanks to a robot that will deliver beverages to your room in a snapAutomatic toilets: reduced need for paper and reduction in water use
“Breathing well” – Tracking CO2 activity in the roomNatural materials from floor to ceilingCleaning products for maintaining the room in an ecologically thoughtful way
“Eating and drinking well” – Room service menu adapted to dietary needs based on the time of day (organic products)Purified water fountain in the bathroom for unrestrained access to drinking water and reducing plastic waste. ThisNatural infusions to support your bio-rhythm (jet lag, anti-stress, digestion…)


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