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#Brexit consequences for tourism in the EU – Less hotel guests from UK?

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
June 24, 2016

#Brexit consequences for tourism in the EU – Less hotel guests from UK?

What are the consequences of Brexit referendum for the travel industry? Hotels in the EU might be faced with decreasing numbers of bookings of guest from the UK. The exchange rates of GBP and Euro raise the costs for business travels and holidays in the Eurozone.

Brexit - Photo: Dan Goodhart
Brexit – Photo: Dan Goodhart

Europe’s large travel company TUI group – listed at FTSE 100 Index – keeps watching effects on travel, CEO Joussen said today. Responsible forecasts couldn’t be conceded yet.

Another aspect could help hotels and serviced apartments on the European continent. If British financial companies will lose their EU permission to sell services and financial products to the Eurozone, more banker will book extended stay apartments in Franfurt for instance to work for EU offices.


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