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Most guests spurn mini-bars

Profile Photo By: Steve Shellum
August 6, 2015

Most guests spurn mini-bars

Hospitality News: Attractive packaging can drive revenue from minibars.More than 70 percent of travellers say they never use hotel mini-bars according to a survey conducted jointly by GO Airport Express, and The GO Group, an international ground transportation service provider.
Just fewer than four percent said they always raid the mini-bars, while 20 percent said they do so sometimes or occasionally.
Several of the more than 733 survey respondents had comments, noting they think the food and beverage offerings are too expensive, or they use the mini-bars to store?their snacks bought elsewhere.
Of those who did purchase from the hotel mini-bars, men were more likely to purchase alcoholic beverages, at 27 percent, compared with 14 percent of women. Women bought more bottled water (47 percent) compared with men (35 percent). Women also purchase healthier snacks such as nuts and granola bars, than men, at 14 percent and 7 percent respectively.
?Today?s travellers are more savvy, health and budget conscious,? says John McCarthy, president of GO Airport Express. ?Successful hotels are starting to respond by catering to the changing preferences of their guests.?


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