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11 Steps to Improving the Quality of Customer Service in Hotels

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May 1, 2014

11 Steps to Improving the Quality of Customer Service in Hotels

Hospitality News: Customer ServiceCustomers are definitely the most important stakeholders in hotel business. If your hotel does not offer quality services to its customers they will find an alternative hotel that serves them well and in due time you may have to close down due to lack of customers. Here are 11 viable steps that will help your hotel to improve the quality of its services to customers.

1.???? Online services

The world has become a global village and the internet is becoming its economic hub. It?s important that the hotel should not limit its services to its premises; it should also offer online services and stay in touch with its customers in the online platform. Services such as online booking, customer care and online car hire services should be availed online to improve the quality of customer service.

2.???? Invite customer suggestions

In order to know what would serve the customer needs best; the hotel must be in contact with the customer. Their suggestions should be listened to with sobriety and their complaints attended to. At least a suggestion box should be strategically put a point where customers can note them.

3.???? Effective customer care

No doubt it?s the customers that keep the hotel going; otherwise it would as well shut down. The customers must therefore be treated with uttermost respect. The management should adopt a policy?that reminds its workers that customers are the most valuable assets they have, if they don?t treat them well, their competitors will.

4.???? Set up an effective communication channel

Communication is ideal in every business set up. The hotel should set up a working flow system that will ensure that the management is always in touch not only with the workers and customers but also with other key stakeholders like suppliers, security service providers, media and potential customers.

5.???? ISO 90012008 certification

ISO 9001 2008 is a manual published by the international standards body to ensure quality assurance system in the service industry. It helps with guidelines on how to manage data, upgrade information system, carry out personnel training, handle risks and ultimately improve services. Acquiring ISO 9001:2008 certificationwill greatly increase customers? trust in quality of the hotel?s services.

6.???? Carrying out internal audits

It?s common that many at times resources are inappropriately allocated or misused. This has seen quality of customer services in hotels watered down. The hotel management should regularly conduct audits in order to ensure accountability in the use of hotel resources.

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Source: Ashly Kristina (2014). 11 Steps to Improving the Quality of Customer Service in Hotels – By Ashly Kristina, Hotel News Resource published Apr 29, 2014. Viewed Apr 30, 2014.


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