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New Starbucks EarthSleeve? Blends Performance with Environmental Sensibility

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July 19, 2012

New Starbucks EarthSleeve? Blends Performance with Environmental Sensibility

Today, Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ:SBUX), LBP Manufacturing and Henkel announced the availability of EarthSleeve?, a new hot-cup sleeve that integrates proprietary technology that enables a reduction in overall material usage while at the same time increasing the post-consumer content. These adjustments correlate to a savings of nearly 100,000 trees.

Manufactured in Cicero, Illinois by LBP Manufacturing for Starbucks with Henkel adhesive solutions, this new products? decrease of raw fiber material by 34% and increase of post-consumer content by 25% does so without sacrificing performance or function. With nearly three billion* hot cup sleeves produced in the United States in 2011 and Starbucks representing nearly half of the marketplace, this material evolution will have a substantial impact on the packaging industry.

?At Starbucks we are constantly looking to innovate in ways that make our world a better place,? said Cliff Burrows, president of the Americas for Starbucks. ?This product represents how the integration of our environmental values and collaboration with like-minded organizations can create significant impact.?

The EarthSleeve? is currently being introduced into Starbucks locations across the United States and Canada and is being evaluated for global usage.

In addition to substantial decreases in raw material makeup and a new total usage of 85% post-consumer fiber content, the EarthSleeve? also allows for a case cube and truckload yield improvement of 15%, reducing the overall environmental impact of the transportation of the sleeves. The product has also been deemed fully compostable by both ASTM and Cedar Grove requirements, and has recently been approved for repulpability by Western Michigan University.

?We are very excited about the opportunities the combined vision and resources of Starbucks, Henkel and LBP have proven what they together can deliver with EarthSleeve?,? added Matthew Cook, President of LBP. ?This product represents a whole new level of innovation in packaging performance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility we can expect in the future.?

“The introduction of the EarthSleeve? represents an achievement in adhesive formulation,” said John Meccia, VP- Paper Converting for Henkel Corporation, whose team collaborated on the development of the multi-functional adhesives used in the project. “Creating a formula that would allow for user experience on par with traditional sleeves, but effectively facilitate the removal of fiber, framed every aspect of the cooperative effort. Successfully meeting the technical objectives was truly a feat. The implication of our work on the environment is what makes this a real accomplishment.”

Note: *Data sourced from the 2012 Foodservice Disposable Packaging Assessment and the Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator. For more information visit All raw material and post-consumer claims on the material makeup of Earthsleeve? have been validated by the paper suppliers, and their compostability, repulpability and potential environmental benefits have been researched and validated by Cedar Grove, Western Michigan University, and Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator.

Source: Starbucks



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