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Introducing 8 Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza: the Finest Cantonese Cuisine in Egypt.

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October 24, 2012

Introducing 8 Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza: the Finest Cantonese Cuisine in Egypt.

When was the last time you walked into a space that took your breath away? This is the effect that the new 8 restaurant unequivocally inflicts upon its guests. An absolute visual delight to the eye, one cannot help but stand back and take in the infectiously alluring surrounds. As guests are greeted and escorted to their dining space, they instantly come to the realization that they have already started to embark upon a pretty special culinary journey. The hospitality is genuine, the surroundings are pure eye candy, the menu is stimulating, the overall ambiance just feels delicious and creatively composed. Welcome to 8 at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, Egypt?s finest Cantonese dining experience.

Why 8? What?s in a name? As luck would have it the number 8 is an auspicious number in Chinese culture. 8 is a lucky number. Pronounced “ba,” 8 sounds similar to words that represent the meaning of prosperity, wealth, fortune, joy and happiness. The number 8 is also associated with perfect balance and is similar to an infinity symbol, and thus the number 8 became the name for Nile Plaza?s new Cantonese restaurant. 8 and its cultural value and legendary significance defines the concept of 8 restaurant. An 8 dining experience will be reflective of the perfect balance of food, ambiance and service, which in turn will leave guests feeling more than happy, as represented by the Chinese symbols of double happiness placed on 8 restaurant?s logo.

How could one best describe 8? Think modern Hong Kong chic on the Nile, married with China?s famous haute cuisine, otherwise referred to as Cantonese cuisine. The hallmark of Cantonese cuisine is the emphasis chefs place on preserving the natural flavour of each carefully selected ingredient. Following a fresh is best policy, every component making up an 8 dish is literally as “fresh as a daisy.” Two large aquariums, home to live lobsters and various fish varieties, are found in the 8 kitchen. When a dish is ordered, the lobster or fish will be selected and prepared a la moment by an 8 chef so that the meal is as fresh as can be. Steaming and stir frying are the two primary Cantonese cooking techniques. Steaming ingredients ensures an emphasis on freshness as it is the least intrusive cooking method, retaining vitamins and flavours. Cantonese chefs believe correct stir frying methods preserve taste and aroma, which enhance every dish.

8 presents an extensive selection of menu items. Many varieties of steamed and fried dim sum are available. Dim sum translates to “touch the heart” and is a Cantonese favourite, sometimes referred to as a dumpling. Guests will want to try the shrimp and crab dumpling with black caviar, or steamed Chiuchow-style dumplings with spicy vegetarian sauce. 8 also features a dim sum buffet every Friday, as it is representative of Cantonese culture to enjoy a dim sum brunch with family and friends. Guests can spend long, lazy Friday afternoons at 8, sipping Chinese tea and feasting on a wonderful assortment of dim sum. Chinese tea aids digestion and cleanses the palate, which makes it a perfect accompaniment to an 8 dining adventure. The Friday dim sum at 8 is an interactive chef ? guest experience. Guests can go into the 8 kitchen, watch the chefs prepare dishes and choose some cold food items on display.

Cantonese cuisine originates from southern China?s Guangdong province on the South China Sea, which explains why Cantonese dishes often include fresh fish, prawns, shrimps, scallops, lobster and crab. The 8 menu seafood selections are therefore plentiful. There are many abalone dishes to choose from, including braised abalone and chicken in oyster sauce. BBQ Peking Duck is one of 8?s specialties, as is the signature dessert of stewed bird nest with pumpkin and sago. Like 8, Cantonese cuisine is very inventive and this is reflected in the artistic presentation of every dish. A “feast for the senses” sounds clich?, but the reality is that one’s whole being is drawn into this invigorating dining experience.

8 is not only a trendy Cantonese restaurant. It is the ultimate symbol of an Egyptian success story that every local resident can be proud of, and every international traveller can admire. Designed by SPIN, a Japanese interior design company based in Tokyo, the initial design to physical completion process of 8 took three full years. Although the interiors were conceived by SPIN, all of the intricate restaurant details were fabricated and formed in Egypt by Egyptian artisans, craftsmen and women. The result is nothing short of spectacular. It is not common practice to find so many differing detailed components within one square metre (11 square feet) of a space. Each individual decorative piece is placed side by side and the elements work harmoniously together. Hand-blown illuminated glass, granite, Chinese bricks, leather, Chinese inspired fabrics, oak, mahogany, Italian grey trevertino marble, black star galaxy marble, GRC stone and metal tiles all form one modern masterpiece. The contemporary, sleek furniture was made in Dubai.

The best thing about 8 is that guests can decide how private their dining experience should be. To the side of the main hall are five Nile-side semi private dining rooms, perfect for groups of four or six. Another two completely private dining rooms are available, which can also become one large private space, comfortably seating 16. The private dining rooms are popular with couples celebrating a romantic occasion, small groups and business guests hosting a dinner requiring privacy. 8 is also home to a teppanyaki private dining room that can be reserved for 12 people or diners who would like to enjoy an interactive chef / guest environment.

If one desires to enter a realm of total Cantonese indulgence that ticks all of the boxes, they have found the right place. If one seeks fabulously delicious cuisine, unique times and moments that take them out of life?s regular routine, 8 must be placed on top of the must see and experience culinary list.

Source: Four Seasons Hotel


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