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Durban students are competing to win an International Hotel School bursary

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September 28, 2012

Durban students are competing to win an International Hotel School bursary

A career in hospitality is one of endless opportunities. As South Africa?s leading private hospitality management education provider, The International Hotel School (IHS) offers nationally ? and internationally ? recognised hospitality diplomas and certificates for graduates. And with the annual Three Cities and IHS Bursary Competition, some students? dreams will soon be coming true!

The competition began in May this year and was held at each of the International Hotel School branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. Out of the many entrants each school received, only five finalists were chosen to vie for the winning spot.

The five Durban finalists were chosen to attend the Boot Camp 2012 finals, hosted by The Gateway Hotel, a member of the Three Cities Group, from Sunday 30th September to Friday 5th October.

Boot Camp challenges for hospitality studies bursary

Only one winner at each campus can be chosen to have their full tuition fees paid for ? for any IHS programme they wish to study ? for the duration of the programme, valued up to R180?000!

The Boot Camp will be a five-day learning and hands-on experience, where each student involved will be challenged in various hospitality departments. The pupil who succeeds in all of the challenges will take home the bursary and winning title.

The Durban finalists are:

  • Tayla Cecilia Kriel from Port Shepstone High School
  • Mon? Jansen van Vuuren from Hillcrest High School
  • Natasha Benton from Hillcrest High School
  • Nikita Maxwell from Kingsway High School
  • Michael Andrew Greef from Kingsway High School.

Tayla Cecilia Kriel

Tayla Kriel

Tayla Kriel

Participating in this International Hotel School Competition is really my chance to make a good start in life, a kick start to a bright future. From the age of 10 I have loved the Hospitality Industry! I entered this competition hoping to open the next door to taking a few steps closer to my long term goals. I have been through a lot this year and have sadly lost my mum, but she has taught me how to be strong and to use my abilities in the best way possible, and I am determined to do this at the boot camp to earn myself the bursary.?

Tayla has her sights set on studying Hotel Management and will do whatever it takes to pursue her dream!

I see myself as a strong, independent individual, earning a good income and enjoying my life, proud of my achievements in life and my choices I make with confidence.?

As with all the other Durban finalists, Tayla is nervous yet excited. She is keeping an open mind to possibilities around every corner and this competition was confirmation that she should keep her dream of working in the hospitality industry alive.

Mon? Jansen van Vuuren

Mon? began a love for cooking in 2009 when she helped in the kitchen of a nearby restaurant. She has her eye set on studying through the Christina Martin Culinary Arts Course which IHS offers.

I would love to become a pastry Chef?and I feel very privileged to have this opportunity.?

Mon? Jansen van Vuuren and Natasha Benton

Mon? Jansen van Vuuren and Natasha Benton

Mon? is very excited about being a finalist and is looking forward to going through Boot Camp together with her friend, Natasha.

Natasha Benton

Natasha is looking to study Hospitality Management at The International Hotel School and she describes herself as fun, hard-working, and a people person.

I really see myself in Hotel Management and even if I do not win this competition, I will still try to do this course.

It is encouraging to have someone you know do the competition with you, especially your friend, because you can be each other?s support.?

Michael Andrew Greef

Michael says that he has a passion for cooking and looks up to international chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. He decided that he wanted to study towards becoming an executive chef in 2010 when his father encouraged him to focus on getting into a career that would bring out his passion.

I wish the Boot Camp was closer ? it is such an anxious wait ? I am so exited!?

Nikita Maxwell and Michael Greef

Nikita Maxwell and Michael Greef

Michael describes himself as confident but humble, and has been consistently researching and going through his note from his hospitality studies subject at school in preparation for the camp. His dream course would be the Christina Martin Culinary Arts course at IHS and even if he does not win this competition, he wants to pursue this.

Nikita Maxwell

Nikita is also excited and says that she would like to win the opportunity to study in the Christina Martin Culinary Arts course at The International Hotel School.

Both Nikita and Michael feel that even though they are competing from the same school, they will be happy if either one of them gets chosen because this would do their school?s name proud.

Good luck to the five Durban finalists! We?ll know soon whose hospitality career dreams will be coming true…


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Source: The International Hotel School


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