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Cape Town students pursue the opportunity to win a hospitality bursary

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September 26, 2012

Cape Town students pursue the opportunity to win a hospitality bursary

A career in hospitality opens doors to endless opportunities. As South Africa?s leading private hospitality management education provider, The International Hotel School (IHS) offers nationally ? and internationally ? recognised hospitality diplomas and certificates for graduates. And with the annual Three Cities and IHS Bursary Competition, some students? dreams will soon be coming true!

The competition began in May this year and was held at each of the International Hotel School branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. Out of the many entrants each school received, only five finalists were chosen to vie for the winning spot.

The five Cape Town finalists were chosen to attend the Boot Camp 2012 finals, hosted by The Peninsula All Suite Hotel, a member of the Three Cities Group, from Sunday 30th September to Friday 5th October.

Boot Camp challenges for hospitality studies bursary

Only one winner at each campus can be chosen to have their full tuition fees paid for ? for any IHS programme they wish to study ? for the duration of the programme, valued up to R180?000!

The boot camp will be a five-day learning and hands-on experience, where each student involved will be challenged in various hospitality departments. The pupil who succeeds in all of the challenges will take home the bursary and winning title.

The Cape Town finalists are:

  • 18 year old Keletso Motau from Pro Arte Alphen Park in Pretoria
  • 20 year old Lindsy Baadjies from Boland College
  • 19 year old Adriaan Vlok from Huguenot High School
  • 18 year old Nicola Alberts from Hoerskool Swellendam
  • 18 year old Stephanie Petro Stone from Hopefield High School.

Keletso Motau

Keletso Motau

Keletso Motau

Keletso applied to the Cape Town competition, even though he is from Pretoria, as he?s hoping that he will be given the opportunity to study there.?He describes himself as passionate, driven, and God-fearing, and says that he realised that he wanted to get into the hospitality industry in 2009.

Keletso only heard about the Bursary competition two weeks before the closing date, and pushed himself to get the project in on time because it was his dream.

In 10 years? time, I see myself owning my own restaurant or working as head chef of a world renowned restaurant.?

He is excited about the Boot Camp event, though this is an important time for him on the academic side.

I have been preparing here and there for the Boot Camp because I have been studying due to the preliminary exams that are currently underway.?

Keletso dreams of becoming an Executive Chef one day and it?s the realisation?of the possibility of having a future in the hospitality industry that keeps him working hard.

Lindsy Baadjies

Lindsy Baadjies

Lindsy Baadjies

Lindsy describes herself as passionate and ambitious, and says that she took a chance by entering this competition.

Since I was young, I wanted to be in the kitchen, because I love cooking.?

She?s excited to be a part of the Boot Camp and has been researching as much as she can in preparation for it. She dreams of becoming a Pastry Chef one day, and hopes that her passion for cooking will shine at the Boot Camp, allowing her to excel and hopefully take the title.


Adriaan Vlok

Adriaan Vlok

Adriaan Vlok

Adriaan says that participating in this competition means that he has an opportunity to follow his dream of becoming a pastry chef.

Adriaan says that he started waitering at a young age to gain experience in the industry, because he enjoyed it so much, and in his last year of primary school, in grade 7, he worked as an apprentice at Allesverloren.

Describing himself as a bubbly people person, Adriaan thinks that he has what it takes to win this bursary and sees himself owning his own restaurant in the future.


Nicola Alberts

Nicola Alberts

Nicola Alberts

The opportunity to compete in this competition means a lot to me. To start with I would not have the opportunity otherwise if it was not for the bursary. It is a chance for me to prove myself. The experience of the competition so far has already taught me so much and opened my eyes to the Hotel business. It has also helped me see that through hard work and determination you can achieve your goals.?

With two years waitering experience, as well as helping in the kitchen at different restaurants, Nicola has caught a glimpse of what the Hotel Management industry is all about.

I find the hotel management industry exciting and also see it as a challenge.?

Nicola heard about the competition through a pupil at her school, Keanan Oliphant, who won the Bursary Competition last year, and was encouraged by one of her teachers to enter this year.

Now that I have begun competing in the competition, it has made me realise how glad I am that I did enter.?

She?s excited to be a part of the Boot Camp and says that she sees her everyday life as preparation ? working at a restaurant, learning how to handle pressure and how to deal with different types of people on an everyday basis. This motivated young lady describes herself as focused, enthusiastic and hard-working, and dreams of opening her own hotel in the future.

Stephanie Petro Stone

Stephanie Petro Stone

Stephanie Stone

Stephanie follows local celebrity chef, Reuben Riffel, and has always liked the culinary arts. She describes herself as bubbly, ethical, and motivated.

This competition is an awesome experience for me; because of the valuable tips we are given, the people you meet and the insight into campus life it gives you. I would really love to win this bursary to study at The International Hotel School, because I know I want to work in this industry.?

She sees herself owning her own business one day and is highly motivated by her parents who are very business orientated.

In 10 years? time I would like to be equipped with the right skills needed for the industry and hope to use these skills in owning my own business.?


Good luck to the five Cape Town finalists! We?ll know soon whose hospitality career dreams will be coming true…

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Source: The International Hotel School


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